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 Aerial view of the Látókép Water Reservoir

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About us

The Látóképi water reservoir, situated nearby the Debrecen – Füzesabony highway no. 33 seventeen kilometres west of Debrecen, was constructed in year 1981. The reservoir, which is pooling water from the river Tisza, is characterized by a surface area of 60 acres, a mean water depth of 4 metres and from June through August a water temperature range of 22-26 oC.

The reservoir was initially utilized for irrigation and as a fishing pond; a 700 metres long lake shore beach section having been visited by naturists since year 1986, while the adjacent shore section hosts the Petőfi Surf Club. Local naturists have been initially organised within the Eastern Hungarian Branch of the Association of Hungarian Naturists, in 1991 they established their own Látóképi Association of Naturists. Voluntary work shaping the beach and having been performed by our members involves planting of trees, lawn-moving, construction of shower and open-air cooking facilities and parking lots.

How to find us -  Map

Accessibility: Take the Debrecen - Füzesabony highway no. 33 in Eastern Hungary, and turn off onto the southward dirt road between kilometre signs 95 and 96 (GPS coordinates: N 47.5467184o, E 21.6360926 o). Follow the direction shown by the tall sign with the inscription “SZÖRFÖZÉS"  (windsurfing) erected near the highway, behind a small darkbrown wodden cottage you will pass by in about 100 metres. An approximately 1500 metres long drive on the dirt road running on the lakeshore will take you directly to the naturist beach (GPS coordinates: N: 47.5575604 o, E: 21.4641215 o).  

Please, keep in mind that during heavy rains the dirt road promptly gets muddy and slippery, therefore becomes impassable for passenger cars. Therefore, when it starts to rain, you would better leave the lakeshore immediately. However, in case the dirt road is still wet and seems impassable for cars, you may park nearby the highway and access the naturist beach by a 20 minutes walk. 


<!--[if !supportLists]-->·               <!--[endif]-->Outdoor furniture (plastic chairs, stools and sun chairs)

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·               <!--[endif]-->Artesian well (non-drinking water)

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·               <!--[endif]-->Shower

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·               <!--[endif]-->Wooden toilet

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·               <!--[endif]-->Open-air cooking facility (barbecue, cauldron)

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·               <!--[endif]-->Surf board with double paddle

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·               <!--[endif]-->Children’s sand pit, children’s chute, badminton, parlour games

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·               <!--[endif]-->Parking lot

Staying overnight in tents is permitted for weekends only.

Each visitor will receive a copy of our Code of Conduct. In order to facilitate an enjoyable stay for all visitors at the beach, you are kindly asked to obey those rules.


The naturist beach may be visited upon the purchase of a day-ticket or a season ticket. The season ticket (membership card) and day-ticket fees are determined annually by the Members’ Meeting.

The fees for 2009 are as follows:


  • HUF 500 for adults
  • HUF 300 for children (age 6-18)

Season ticket:

  • HUF 5000 for a calendar year for adults
  • HUF 3000 for a calendar year for children (age 6-18)

Additional facilities

– Surf boards are available for rent from the Petőfi Windsurfing Club at the adjacent textile beach.

Their rental fees:

  • HUF 300 per hour for surf board plus paddle

<!--[if !supportLists]-->§         <!--[endif]-->HUF 800 per hour for surf board plus sail

The daily entrance ticket for the textile beach: HUF 400

Please note that you must wear clothes at the textile beach.

– Angling. The main fish species: carp, grass carp, carp-bream, pike, pike-perch, crucian, bass, silure. For angling you must buy a daily or annual fishing license, which can be purchased nearest in the Látókép Restaurant.

– Nearest restaurant: Latókép Restaurant („Látóképi Csárda”) at the kilometre sign 99 of the highway no. 33 (nearby the railway crossing), it is approximately five kilometres drive from the naturist beach.


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Contact us

Naturisták Látóképi Egyesülete

(Association of Látókép Naturists)

Address: 4027 Debrecen, Setakert u. 8.

Internet: www.naturistaklatokep.hu/

Email: vigvarizsolt@gmail.com
Mobile phone: +36 70 7718571

Webmaster: Zsolt Vígvári / vigvarizsolt@gmail.com

Map – How to find us